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Pediatric Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Tel Aviv, Israel






I wanted to share my experience at the Pediatric Incontinence Course taught by Dawn Sandalcidi, PT, RCMT, BCB-PMD.  For me, it was a true honor to have had the opportunity to be instructed by Dawn.  I have been practicing Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for over 15 years and I consider Dawn to be one of the great founding Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists.  My son asked me why I was so excited to go to “school”; I told him it would be like if he got to meet Patrick Kane on the Blackhawks.

The information provided was an integrated systematic treatment approach based on both years of experience and evidence based research.  As a part of the prerequisites, we were required to read Suzanne’s story. In class, Dawn asked how this story made us feel.  This story touched me deeply; as a mother, I too have had the experience of searching for someone to help my child. Dawn was someone’s answered prayer.  It does not get better than that.  Thank you Dawn for your kindness and passion for children; and for your far reaching drive, bringing our profession to a whole different level.

 Private Practice Owner


Your course continues to be the BEST course I have ever done and I am constantly delighted by the children I am able to help!

L.B. Physical Therapist, London, England



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