Free Discovery Visit
Common obstacles such as being nervous, skeptical, unsure, worried or even frightened, make people feel as though they aren’t ready to give Physical Therapy Specialists a try.  This is the reason we began offering the FREE Discovery Sessions so please come and see for yourself:  “How does Physical Therapy Specialists really work?” 

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To RECAP, Here’s What You Get
At Your “Free Discovery Session”

  • A 20 minute, “non-committal” session with a specialized physical therapist, free of charge (Value $25)
  • Top tips to help yourself find more relief at home, later that same night
  • Q & A session with a specialized physical therapist to ease your concerns
  • Advice on the best exercises - likely to be a combination of natural routines such as Pilates and Yoga
  • An insight into how Physical Therapy (PT) works and specifically HOW it can help you
  • Leave informed about what’s going wrong
  • Leave informed with what to expect with your diagnosis and how long does it usually take to treat it.
  • Plus a chance to meet with our PT’s, arrive and inspect our clinic and meet other staff members free from any financial commitment giving you the easiest way possible to confirm if PT is, or is not, something that is going to be something that can help you!

Once you’ve filled out the form above, one of the members of our team will call you to schedule your free visit to Physical Therapy Specialists and start answering any questions you have, right away.  


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