At Physical Therapy Specialists we have chosen not to contract with insurance companies.  The only exception is Medicare.  We are a Fee for Service based provider.


Please Note:

In the ever changing environment of medical insurance, please be aware that we are doing the best we can as a courtesy to assist all patients with understanding their medical insurance policy.  It is ultimately your responsibility to know your covered benefits.  Please notify us if you have a visit limitation so we can assess the best option to use your out of network benefits. 



What is Fee for Service?

Payment is made by the patient in full at the appointment time.  The only exception is that we are contracted with the Medicare program.


Why Fee for Service?

Insurance-based health care allows for treatment of a body part expressing a symptom. Frequently this body part is the result of a larger more widespread problem.  This requires advanced training and time to understand the big picture and what is truly causing the pain.  

As fee for service providers, we treat patients for 1 hour for every visit in a private treatment room and use the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) to diagnose the pain source.  In contrast, in-network facilities offer shorter visits (possibly several in one week) and treatment is limited to what the insurance is willing to pay for.

Fee for service allows you as the patient the freedom of choice when it comes to your healthcare.  You may choose to see providers outside of the network for quality care. 


Will my insurance reimburse me?

As a courtesy, we will call and check your out of network benefits.  

If you are curious about your insurance out of network benefits, give us a call!  We'll get the information for you from your insurance company!


What can I expect to pay for each appointment?

Fees are based on time spent with you and the treatments performed during your appointment.  The fee ranges are as follows:

$170 - 186 for Initial Evaluation

$140 - 152 for 60 minute appointments

$50 for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice (exceptions made for illness/weather)



The Insurance Worksheet can help to call your insurance company and ask the right questions.