Urinary Incontinence is Never Normal!

A 2016 study by Silay, et. al found that 50% of women surveyed believed that urinary incontinence (UI) is normal with aging, and more than 15% didn't know that there are medical treatments for this condition.

Patient education is the first barrier to treatment, and pelvic rehab practitioners are working against decades of misinformation about pelvic floor dysfunction. Urinary incontinence in particular is frequently normalized. When 40% of geriatric women studied report UI, and it significantly impacts quality of life, there is a huge need for greater public awareness and capable pelvic rehabilitation practitioners.

Another recent study by Erekson, et. al found that pelvic floor dysfunction in women over 65 creates significant frailty risks that should be taken into account when considering medical procedures. Of 150 women surveyed, 65% were suffering from pelvic organ prolapse, and more than 50% were considered "frail" or "pre-frail". A pelvic rehabilitation practitioner, empowered with the right training, will be uniquely equipped to identify risk factors and advise patients as they consider treatment options.

Article courtesy of Herman & Wallace, Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute