PTS Lecture Series

Come join us for some valuable information and tips on our specialized therapy topics.

Lectures with be held in our office with light refreshments served.

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Pregnancy or PostPartum Back Pain

Date:  TBD

Statistics show between 50% and 80% of all pregnant women experience back pain.  It can range from mild, only manifesting with certain activities, to more severe pain that interferes with daily activities.  This can impact your ability to care for yourself and your baby.  Pain present during pregnancy that is not treated often continues for months, even years after your baby is born.

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Do You Know A Child Who Wets the Bed? 

Date:  TBD

Has your family become frustrated waiting for your child to outgrow bed wetting, while missing sleepovers and summer camps?  Research tells us 15% of children per year will outgrow it, but what about the other 85%?  In the mean time, your child may be feeling ashamed and embarrassed.  The International Children's Continence Society states that "not only is treatment (for bed wetting) justified, it is mandatory."

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Mastering The Mindful Meal


Are you often eating while doing another activity — eating lunch and sending emails or eating dinner while watching TV?  By multi-tasking, you miss out on a lot of signals that your body is telling you about hunger, digestion, and how the food that you are eating is affecting you.  Mindful eating is about being present while consuming your meal.  You should be focusing on each bite, how it tastes and chewing slowly and completely.   Learn more tips for mindful eating and better nutrition!

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The Floor and Your Core

Date:  TBD

What is the pelvic floor and how does it affect the rest of my body?  We will explain it all!







It Is Never Normal to Leak Urine!

Date:  TBD

No matter how old you are or how many babies you've had, urinary leakage is not normal.  Medication, pads or surgery options may be discussed, but what about physical therapy?  In most cases, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can dramatically decrease leakage.  Learn more about what we can do to help!





Don't Let Pelvic Pain Dominate Your Life

Date:  TBD

Of the women that suffer from pelvic pain, only 1/3 seek treatment options. These numbers are even fewer for men.  Typically people with pelvic pain suffer for 3-5 years before finding a provider who understands the diagnosis and how to treat it.