At Physical Therapy Specialists we listen to what your body tells us and guide your treatment to restore the things in your life that have meaning for you. We will be your guide throughout your healing process, and our goal is to help your body recover and teach you how to sustain good health on your own.

We have 6 physical therapists with over 100 years combined experience. We offer the finest specialized care to get you back to a state of optimum well being.

By placing a high priority on your satisfaction we’ll make your experience at Physical Therapy Specialists a positive one. We look forward to meeting you and addressing your individual needs.

We are  happy to offer two kinds of introductory sessions. Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to chat with a PT or come in for a Free Discovery Visit and meet with one of our expert PTs to see how we work and how we can help you.

Conditions We Treat

We treat numerous conditions arising from musculoskeletal dysfunction, injury and chronic pain. 

Whatever the reason for your visit, our committed team will work to integrate the entire body to locate the source of the dysfunction and restore balance and wellbeing.

How We Work

We use the Integrated Systems Model (ISM), an evidence-based clinical reasoning approach that considers all aspects of a patient's condition, behavior and experience when determining the best treatment for each unique patient. 

Our PTs are trained in a multitude of manual therapies including joint mobilization, dry needling, myofascial release, cupping, connective tissue, manipulation, neuromuscular exercise and re-education.


We may use modalities during treatment such as cold laser therapy, iontophoresis and ultrasound.  

What Concerns You?

Sign up for one of our FREE eBooks on all our areas of expertise to get information and tips to help speed your recovery. Get a head start prior to coming by trying out some exercises included in the books!


Our Team

Made up of physical therapists, a massage therapist, yoga instructor and nutritionist, every member of the Physical Therapy Specialists team is devoted to providing specialized and personalized treatment to help our clients achieve their goals and experience activities that have meaning to them.

I feel like a weight that has been on me is lifted and I can do a lot more.  I can do sleepovers now.  I feel more independent and that is one thing I can let go. 
— B.L., Age 11, Pediatric Incontinence