Restoring Function from Head to Toe

The Integrated Systems Model assesses musculoskeletal problems from head to toe. This involves understanding the relationships between, and within, multiple regions of the body and how impairments in one region can impact the other. For example- a pronated foot can lead to a rotation in the pelvis that can lead to pelvic pain, back pain and poor movement strategies. It’s our job to assess what caused the pain and movement dysfunction (the pronated foot or the pelvis?). Once alignment is achieved, we work to “rewire” (Dan Siegle MD,“Mindsight”) or change the motor and sensory input to the brain to learn an improved movement pattern to relieve and prevent future pain.

What is Meaningful to You?

Our goal is to integrate the whole body to restore function that has meaning to you. You may be seeking treatment due to pain, but what is more important, is understanding how the pain is affecting your life, for example:

  • “I can’t sit through a movie without dragging a cushion with me”

  • “I can’t play on the playground with my kids or I’ll leak urine”

  • “I can’t play golf without having to stop to use the restroom every 3 holes”

  • “I lost my job because it requires me to fly every week and my pelvic pain won’t allow me to sit for more than 30 minutes”

  • “I can’t have intercourse without pain”

  • “I can’t read because of my headaches”

  • “I loved to play basketball but my back pain benched me”

  • “Running is out of the question since I had my baby”

Our treatment approach is unique, specialized and provides individual one on one care. Our goal is to get you in a place of sustaining your wellness. We like to work with your health and wellness team by collaborating together to return you to what you used to do or try something new! We work closely with Yoga, Pilates, Barre, a Nutritionist and movement therapists who best fit your needs and take you where your ultimately want to be.

Keep reading to learn more about the specific techniques we use: