Treatment of certain medical conditions require physical therapists with specialized training.  At Physical Therapy Specialists we are able to offer expert treatment using the following modalities:

Cold Laser Therapy

Class 4 Laser or what is commonly known as Cold Laser Therapy, is a modality used to offset pain and swelling and allow patients to return to functional activities. Laser is indicated for use in inflammatory conditions such as bursitis, tendonitis or arthritis; tissue repair and healing of nerve muscle, bone, skin cartilage and bone in addition to and acute and chronic pain management. This is accomplished by increasing ATP synthesis in the cell which increases cellular repair and regeneration to restore balance. Other mechanisms by which laser therapy decreases pain is by regulating chemicals that control pain and altering nerve conduction. Cold laser therapy is an adjunct or tool used with other physical therapy treatments to restore nerve, muscle and fascia to normal functional state.



Iontophoresis is a technique using a small electric charge to deliver a medicine like a steroid, through the skin. It is basically an injection without the needle. The technical description of this process is a non-invasive method of propelling high concentrations of a medication across the skin to deeper tissues by the use of electrical polarity. Physical therapists use this mechanism to deliver steroid medication to sites of pain, inflammation, or swelling.


Cupping and Gua Sha

Traditional Chinese Therapies


Cupping is being used in different areas of the body to improve circulation and loosen up the muscle and fascia or connective tissue that underlies that area. Many of our patients have increased muscle tone and tightness of their tissues in their areas of pain, specifically neck and back pain. Cupping over these areas and sliding the cup helps to release some of that tightness in the tissue.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha tools are also effective for releasing the muscles and fascia as well. 


Both of these techniques are not painful and tolerated very well. 

Let us know if you have any questions about cupping or Gua Sha and if you think it would benefit you!


Ultrasound therapy is a treatment modality used by physical therapists to treat pain conditions and to promote tissue healing. In this procedure, an ultrasound wand uses sound waves to provide deep heat to injured tissues. The heat stimulates blood flow, to improve healing. 


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