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Celebrate Your Physical Therapist!

By Ann Marie Arnold

World Physical Therapy Day is this Saturday, September 8th.

We love our therapists! Thank you Dawn, Mara, Kristin, Lori and Margie for all you do to help with pain, education, injury prevention, body alignment, muscle imbalance, etc.!

World Physical Therapy Day is observed to generate awareness about the contribution physical therapists make to society, enabling people to be mobile, well and independent. This day was designated in 1996 by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Founded in 1951, the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), is the international voice for physical therapy, representing more than 450,000 physical therapists worldwide through its 107 member organizations.

Do you know the power of physical therapy and its impact not only on patients, but also their family members, coworkers, friends and communities? Improving the life of one person trickles down to improve the lives of many—and physical therapists do improve lives. In fact, physical therapists can help many patients achieve better outcomes at a lower cost compared to other, more invasive interventions, such as surgeries. It seems the tides are beginning to turn in that more patients, doctors, payers, and policymakers are starting to recognize the tremendous benefit of physical therapy and its potential to improve health on a global level.

This year’s message is to educate how exercise can improve your mental health as well as physical health. One in four people will experience a mental health condition of some sort in their lifetime. During and after illness or injury, many people experience depression when they are unable to return to their normal activities. Not only can physical therapy help you get back to those activities, the additional physical body movements and exercise can help your mental state. Physical therapists will listen to your health story, create a realistic and achievable therapy plan tailored to your needs and help keep you motivated to complete the plan.

World Physical Therapy Day marks the unity and solidarity of the global physical therapy community. It is an opportunity to recognize the work that physical therapists do for their patients and community and educate the importance of physical therapists in the healthcare field.

Colorado is a direct access state which means a referral or prescription is not required to seek treatment from a physical therapist.

Call us today to see how we can help improve your life!

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