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Putting the "SELF" Back into Self-Care

By Mara Towne, PT, DPT

I’ve been thinking a lot about self-care now that we are full swing into the holiday season! I have also been getting a lot of emails about self-care from various people I follow and I have realized something. Self-care is very individual! When I write this, it seems obvious. However, many of us are conditioned to think of warm baths, meditation and spa days when we think of self-care. This post is about changing that perception.

What brings YOU joy? This does not have to be a hobby or even an event. For example, sitting by myself and drinking a hot cup of coffee brings me an incredible amount of joy! My life is very full right now and I need that time for myself (if you can’t drink coffee, herbal tea works too!) So, I make a habit of doing this either Saturday or Sunday because I know it’s fulfilling my needs.

You might not know what brings you joy, and that’s OK! If this is the case, then I encourage you to keep a pocket notebook handy and write down what brings you joy throughout your day for a week. You can also use a gratitude journal or similar for this purpose. Then, look back on the week and see what aspects of your day brought you the most happiness. These are the things you want to make sure to do on a daily or weekly basis for your personal self-care.

The holiday season is a wonderful time of giving, but sometimes we give so much of ourselves that we have nothing left. You cannot fill other people’s cups if your cup is empty. Give yourself a gift this holiday season. Do some searching and find those things that bring you joy and make sure you carve out time in your day or week to make those things happen. I set appointments in my phone as a reminder for myself to practice my self-care. This could be a helpful thing for you to do as well.

Self-care is what you want it to be! This does not mean that I am opposed to spa days, meditation and warm baths. I enjoy all those things! I just want to challenge you to think outside the box when you think about self-care.

Do you have questions or thoughts about this post? Feel free to email me: mara@ptspecialist.com


Stay tuned in January for a post about goal setting to help get your 2019 off on the right start!

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