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Want to Try a New Activity? Have Movement Goals? Here’s How PT Can Help!

When companies that operate in big industries like financial services and pharmaceuticals want to update their business models, streamline their marketing approach or launch a new commercial product, they often turn to the expertise of consultants. These experts have vast knowledge to help companies solve problems and achieve their goals. Did you know there’s such an expert that can help you manage pain, reach your fitness goals and prepare you to try a new activity safely?

Meet the physical therapist. Think of your PT as a movement consultant, trained to help you build the strength, endurance and flexibility needed to attain your goals. A common misconception is that PTs are only trained to help clients improve their performance in the sports and leisure activities that they already participate in. But that’s not the case: PTs can educate clients who are interested in pursuing activities that they’ve never tried before, too. Let’s say you’ve always been a casual bike rider but want to train to run a 5K, where do you start?

Physical therapists have the right training and background to help you reach new goals. Here are three ways to maximize your rehab sessions:

1. Know what you’re aiming for. Having a clear idea of your goal or goals—before going to that first PT appointment—will ensure that you can communicate exactly what you’re looking to achieve. Take the time to jot down some ideas for the future as well as goals you’ve attained in the past so you can jump start the conversation with your PT. Check out our blog post on goals posted earlier this year in January if you need some inspiration!

2. Listen to your limitations—and your PT. Of equal importance to communicating your wants and needs is taking the time to listen closely to the physical therapist’s expertise. They’re trained to assess your body’s signals and use that information to identify potential restrictions that could prevent you from reaching your goals.

3. Be prepared to take it one step at a time. The PT will work with you to establish an appropriate timeline to achieving your goals. For example, it’s unlikely that you’ll be ready to keep up with your best friend, an avid runner, at the town 5K the following weekend. However, your PT can help modify your approach so you can still participate, even if you aren’t ready to run the entire distance.

These three steps will help your PT design a customized exercise program that suits all your needs and gets you to the finish line quickly—and safely.

At Physical Therapy Specialists we use the Integrated Systems Model to assess your alignment from head to toe in order to find what’s causing your pain and/or movement dysfunction so you can meet your goals! We are here to help! Feel free to call or visit us!

We offer FREE 15-minute phone consultations and FREE 30-minute in person consultations. We look forward to working with you!

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