What is TeleRehab?

TeleRehab: digital practice used to describe health care services and support provided remotely via digital communication and devices (computer, tablet or phone) as determined by you and your therapist.

Purpose:  To facilitate effective delivery of physical therapy services by improving access to care. TeleRehab is meant to continue to provide you with care for ANY reason you cannot come into the clinic including but not limited to:

  • Illness

  • Work

  • Weather

  • Distance from clinic


What can TeleRehab do for you:

  • Analyze and progress your current home programs

  • Assess sitting, standing and walking alignment

  • Educate on self-care/home management  

  • Learn pain management techniques

  • Help you for ANY reason you cannot come into the clinic!


What are the constraints of TeleRehab?

  • Hands on assessment and treatment


When is TeleRehab appropriate?  

TeleRehab will only be used in conjunction with hands on therapy. Initially your visits will be in person and progressions can then be determined if or when they are appropriate for home. These visits will be determined between you and your therapist based on your progression and what your needs are.


Feel free to call or email to find out if TeleRehab is right for you!


How Do I Prepare for TeleRehab?

In order to be HIPPA compliant, you need to have secure high-quality Internet and a space where you have privacy as you would in the clinic setting. You also need to be a No Fall Risk or we require someone to attend your sessions at home with you.

You will need to have a computer that has a camera and microphone. In the event there is a technology or equipment failure during a TeleRehab session, we will ask for a phone number where you can be reached so we may will call you and try to fix the problem and restart. If we are unable to restart the session successfully, your session will be cancelled, and you will not be charged. To avoid potential problems, we will be giving you a step by step explanation of how to access our HIPPA compliant and encrypted software before your visit to perform a test run.

You can be confident that:

  • You are receiving high quality, safe, and evidenced-based care

  • Your anticipated outcomes are equivalent to in person care for that session

  • It will be clear and easy to communicate with your therapist

  • You will be able to easily understand the provided information and navigate the technology

  • Your personal healthcare data and care information is private and stored in compliance with the law and regulations

  • Our therapists have fulfilled all required regulatory and professional requirements

  • Cultural preferences have been considered and respected during the digital interaction


Will my insurance reimburse me?

The state of Colorado has parity, which means that Colorado insurers cannot deny coverage solely because the service is provided through Telehealth. However, the use of the word solely, could mean that they can find other reasons to deny the service. Your bill will look the same as it currently does however the place of service will reflect the location of where the service was provided. As always, it is best to verify with your insurance policy regarding reimbursement specifics.

Please note that Telehealth for physical therapy is not a covered benefit for Medicare.  Medicare policy holders may participate in TeleRehab but will not be reimbursed for these services.  We continue to follow the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) as additional benefits are added.