After seeing Ms. Dawn, I forgot why I even needed to come.  - J. P. age 15

I feel like a weight that has been on me is lifted and I can do a lot more.  I can do sleepovers now. I feel more independent and that is one thing I can let go.  - B. L. age 11

The biggest thing is the confidence that my son feels.  Hearing him talk about it now, I see the extra joy he now can experience.  - Father of B. L. 

I don’t have to focus on staying dry and holding it in anymore.  I can control my bladder now during the day. I feel success in staying dry. - Nate, age 9

I was skeptical at first because it wasn’t the first time I dealt with it.  I didn’t see any lasting effects in the past. What I like about Dawn’s approach is she looked at the whole person, not just the bladder.  Dawn’s follow-up is a multi-faceted approach to treat the child to ensure success. Dawn personally cares about the patient and both the child and parent for success. - Mother of Nate

It is not very often that you find a role model and colleague that inspires you to be a better person both clinically as well as in day to day life.  Dawn has changed the way that I will practice pelvic health. The knowledge will be passed down to many future children that I hope to help. - PT course attendee

Made me feel happy because it doesn't bother me now to have sleepovers. I was scared before I came to see Miss Dawn but there was nothing scary and it was fun and I like the table going up and down.   - M.B., age 8 

As a parent I was concerned of how a PT was going to teach an 8 year old kegels.  I really thought it was impossible and I would be wasting my time. After our visits with Dawn, I was so impressed with the mechanics and the knowledge that Dawn gave us.  My daughter has changed. She used to dislike school and going to friends for sleepovers, now she loves school and spending the night with friends. I am so glad as a parent that I was able to find someone as knowledgeable as Dawn and someone that made a difference in my daughters life.  This treatment is easy and the outcome will make your child a happier person.   - Mother of M.B.

My daughter was easily potty trained by the time she was 2 ½ and was dry at night by 4.  Then, at about age 6, she began wetting the bed at night regularly. We tried everything, from alarms to waking her up every few hours to cutting off beverages by late afternoon.  Nothing worked. We were frustrated and she was miserable. Finally, our pediatrician referred us to Physical Therapy Specialists. Dawn knew exactly what the problem was with our daughter and gave us the tools we needed to help her.  It made all the difference in the world- she is dry, happy, no longer embarrassed to go to sleepovers, rested (as are we), and a much healthier kid.  - S. P.  Englewood, CO

When I came into the office to see Miss Dawn, our family was in disarray from my son’s frequent poop leaks.  Now that he doesn’t have them anymore, the household is not so angry and sad. My son is very proud of his pooping! He’s a normal child, doesn’t feel ashamed and does not have to miss out on activities because of poop leaks.  Amazing! - Mama of 5 year old from Highlands Ranch, CO  


Instead of the usual 20 minutes with a therapist working on several patients, at PTS the therapist is working on one patient with a variety of applications for one full hour. Their expertise level is EXTREMELY high!   - G.G., Denver, CO

I've been to several physical therapists over the years. Physical Therapy Specialists are the only ones who took the time to listen to me and consider a whole body approach.  Dawn was the first to tell me my back is not isolated from the rest of my body. For years, it was hard to let any doctors even touch me for fear it would worsen my symptoms. I'm never afraid and my body and mind trust Dawn unconditionally.

The systemic approach is completely different from the factory approach I've seen before. Traditional physical therapy delayed my progress, but I always feel better and motivated when I leave my appointment with PT specialists.   

  - M.B., Denver, CO

After over 20 years of "dealing" with mild chronic back pain and seeing a chiropractor regularly, I was introduced to Physical Therapy Specialists.  After two sessions with Mara, I had no pain at all for a 24 hour period! It was the most wonderful feeling and I was amazed at the pain I have just assumed I would be in for the rest of my life!  Each session makes that pain free time period last longer. I truly feel 10 years younger! I can't thank you enough for your help!  - A.A. Highlands Ranch, CO


After having 3 children, I suffered with urinary incontinence which occurred with sneezing, coughing and any physical activity.  I wanted to be more active without worrying about this issue and taking precautions. Everyone would say just do your Kegels! Well, that was not working!  After talking to my OB/Gyn about pelvic floor pain, she recommended Physical Therapy Specialists. A Life Changer! I so was impressed with their methods. Here is someone who knows what I have been suffering with -- the pain and incontinence.  They are so knowledgeable in these areas that I felt at ease and confident that I can overcome these issues. With progressive treatment, support and exercises and the Peri-coach (which helped me to see my strength of my pelvic floor) I am now an active person.  Just last spring I was able to run a 5K with my daughters and have no issues! A memory I will cherish!! Thank you, PTS!   - K. L.,  Centennial, CO

I was a patient of Dawn Sandalcidi for  a number of weeks. I received excellent care and encouragement.  I am so fortunate that my doctor referred me to her and her staff.  I appreciated the the humor, the teaching and all the ways I could learn.  Thank you!  - Karen J.,  Centennial, CO


I trust and always know the physical therapists have my best interests in mind.  They give me exercises which match my current state and can vary from week to week.  Other PTs have given me exercises which have hurt me more. I know I will get individualized treatment and that what works for me might not work for someone else. My therapist takes the time to listen to my body and teaches me how to do the same.

They know people are afraid and in pain and they give hope to those who have become hopeless.

The staff are always caring and attentive. The office manager knows all of the patients and works hard to make sure everyone is cared for.  - K. L.,  Centennial, CO

Dawn Sandalcidi is quite possibly the best PT ever! I would know, I've seen a lot of PT's over the years with minimal success. I've been Dawn's patient for about 6 months now, and I've made some drastic strides forward. To start, my super-pelvic-floor-specialist MD said that my problems were musculo-skeletal, and that I needed intense PT.  I told her where I lived, and she said that I HAD to see Dawn -- and nobody else. Now I see why! From the moment you walk in, you can tell that she's different than the others. She spends A LOT of time in assessment, analyzing relevant components of your body and how they possibly could relate to the problem. She's big on mechanics, watching how you walk, bend, stand and even breathe. She corrected some big issues of mine in a single session! It amazes me that after 35 years in the field, she's still very passionate and caring about the health and well-being of her patients. I wish there were more like her out there! Thanks, Dawn, for helping me live a pain-free life, and for caring about my general well-being!  -  Tony P.,  Centennial, CO

As a lifelong dancer and amateur athlete, I have endured many injuries.  As time went on, there were car accidents, illnesses, surgeries and a c-section.  I've been to everyone and tried every "fix" to no avail. Thank you is not sufficient gratitude for the knowledgeable and caring staff at Physical Therapy Specialists for diagnosing and helping me to heal my body.  PTS has changed my life!   - Michele B., Denver, CO

After living with chronic pelvic pain for decades, I had given up hope that there was anything or anyone who could help me.  I was encouraged to make an appointment with Dawn and during that first appointment I knew I was in a place where I was safe, that my pain would not increase as had happened before.  Dawn has an intuitive component to her healing, in addition to her institutional knowledge. She is not afraid to take on “difficult” cases; I am filled with gratitude for all she has done for me.  - Laura L., Wheat Ridge, CO 

I feel like I have the tools and knowledge to keep working on my condition and have been able to manage my symptoms pretty well over the past few months.  I wanted to say thank you, not just for everything you did for me, but to choose this specialty and for doing what you do for all the people who have nowhere else to turn.  Because of you, my quality of life (and my family around me) has improved tremendously. Also, having Ann Marie run the insurance paperwork was a huge help as well as her diligence on calling and finding appointments for me made seeing you pretty effortless on my part.  - P.N., Denver, CO

I am a male 56 years old who has suffered from chronic pelvic pain and other symptoms associated with chronic cystitis since I was 39. My symptoms have been controlled somewhat through the use of medications, weekly physical therapies and the religious practice of yoga. Earlier this year I started receiving once per week, and then twice per week dry needling focused on the pelvic floor muscles as well as down regulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Up regulation of the nervous system seems to be a major factor in the continuation of my chronically tight muscles and symptoms associated with the pelvic floor dysfunction in general. After one year of treatment, I believe that the dry needling sessions have actually resulted in permanent positive changes in restoring ultra tight musculature to normal tone as well as down regulation of the nervous system. I believe these two facts offer me the best opportunity for improvement than I’ve seen from any other treatment modalities.  - D.F. Denver, CO 

Within hours Physical Therapy Specialists' Dawn Sandalcidi's methods relieved my pelvic floor pain which I had endured for years.  After a few additional visits, I have no pain and follow a simple regimen of exercise to strengthen and maintain my pelvic floor issues.  Dawn is experienced, highly trained, and compassionate. In my opinion, she is absolutely the best and most successful women's health therapist anywhere.  - G.V., Littleton, CO

As a patient of Physical Therapy Specialists, I have not only found their treatment to be expert and tailored to my individual needs, helping me reduce my chronic pain, but have also felt supported and cared for on a personal level by their therapists. Because of my experience, I have recommended Physical Therapy Specialists to others, including those struggling with chronic pelvic pain. - N.N., Denver, CO


I am a sixty-four-year-old female and have spent many years living with chronic pain, trying to discover the cause and seeking relief without success. I have been seen by many doctors in various specialties, both conventional and unconventional, and have received numerous diagnoses. All medications and procedures they prescribed provided only temporary, if any relief. The staff at PTS treats the whole person, not just the symptoms. They actually listened to me, and know the theoretical, clinical and practical aspects of a wide range of treatments. Working with the professionals at PTS has reduced a tremendous amount of my pain and has helped me to understand by body and regain my life again!  - D.S.,  Centennial, CO

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for taking care of me so well for my visits for my jaw.  I have never felt more welcome and comfortable in an office in my life, seriously! I am encouraged to be a better person by your kindness and good hearts.  I have very grateful for having some techniques to loosen my jaw when I am stressed. Thank you so much!!  - S.P.,  Centennial, CO

When I first saw Dawn for my TMJ, she gave me several exercises to do by massaging the muscles in my mouth.  I just couldn't imagine that they would help my jaw, ear and head pain. By 5 weeks, most all of the pain in my jaw had disappeared and I no longer had any ear or head pain.  What a relief . . . so simple!  - S.B., Greenwood Village, CO

You hit a homerun with you last treatment. I felt great for 3 days in a row! That hasn't happened in years. You walk on water as far as I'm concerned! Thank you very much!   - D.S., Centennial, CO 

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your wonderful care and advice through my long journey and recovery.  You were such an amazing resource for me and I truly am thankful for that!  - J.F., Denver, CO


I am so grateful that I found this practice! When I moved from San Diego, CA to Colorado, I had just started seeing a physical therapist there for my pelvic floor prolapse in San Diego and I was nervous about finding good care in Colorado. Little did I know, Dawn is an expert in the field and has expertly trained her staff, which far exceeded my expectations! Pelvic floor prolapse (which in my case, happened postpartum) can be a painful, embarrassing, and challenging diagnosis, but the staff at PTS has helped me reach goals I never thought possible with excellent sensitivity and bedside manner. I have a renewed optimism. Especially during my current pregnancy, they have helped me manage any pain, have equipped me on how to stay active and keep my condition from worsening. Everyone who works at PTS, including the support staff, is so welcoming and they immediately make you feel comfortable. I have told so many of my friends about the wonderful work PTS does and what a blessing they have been in my life. I wish all new mothers could receive this top-level care. They truly give hope to so many patients! - A.B., Centennial


The Myofascial Release is helping my body overall. It makes it easier to work on my posture and it helps my back pain. It loosens my body and it is teaching my brain where my body should be. Dawn does not give up hope even if it takes a while to figure it out or send to someone who may help in a different way.  - L.T., Denver, CO


As a urogynecologist, my patients have had the great fortune of being treated by Dawn for female pelvic floor disorders, and have universally commented on the thorough and compassionate care they have received from her.  Our community is lucky to have such a valuable medical resource. - Dr. Jim Lukban

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