Phyiscal Therapy During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Department of Homeland Security has defined physical therapy as an essential service. The reason for this is to keep patients out of emergency rooms and doctors offices for musculoskeletal problems or pain interfering with your physical and/or mental health. Our primary goals are to keep you safe and healthy.   As we move to a "Safer at Home" Public Health Order, we are strictly following the guidelines from Governor Polis.

At Physical Therapy Specialists, we are here for your needs.  If your pain is preventing you from taking care of yourself or your family, physical therapy may be necessary during this time.  Please call our office to assess whether a TeleRehab visit or in office visit is appropriate.  

If you recognize that anxiety is contributing to increased pain, you are not alone!  We specialize in pain and we have the tools to help you navigate through this.  If you are interested in participating in our TeleRehab pain management program, please email your physical therapist.

In the meantime, we realize many of you have had to transition to working from home. Below are some exercises to help support you in your new work environment and minimize stress and strain while maintaining strength. 

Please know that we are here for you and feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns during this unprecedented time.


Dawn, Mara, Kristin, Sam, Ann Marie and Angela

What are we doing at Physical Therapy Specialists to keep you safe?

Our therapists continue to treat just one patient at a time in a private treatment room. We are off-setting our schedules, so we don’t have two people in the waiting room at one time. Upon arrival each patient will be asked to answer questions to screen for symptoms and possible exposure to COVID-19 and a temperature will also be taken. If there is a risk and/or a patient has a temperature of 99.1 or greater they will not be seen in the office for at least 2 weeks. The staff is also following the same guidelines.


Therapists are washing their hands between every patient. Masks are worn by all of our staff members and patients.  The therapists also wear gloves as necessary which are changed after each patient.


Cleaning has increased to a full clinic daily cleaning using Sani Wipes. Every surface is cleaned they comes in contact with a person (equipment, tables, pillows, light switches, doorknobs arms of chairs, keyboards, mice etc.) within the clinic between patients and most doors are left open to avoid contact. Clean and dirty containers for pens or any objects handled by patients or us cleaned after each use.


We have advocated that our staff engaged in appropriate self-care to maintain their health and boost their immunity to stay and stay positive at this time of adversity.  To avoid transmission from clinic to our home, we have requested our staff undress and place their clothes in a hot wash and shower once arriving home. 

Please note our guidelines will change as needed based on recommendations from the State of Colorado and the CDC.  


Please let us know if you have any questions about our safety practices!

Caring for Your Physical and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis